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Why do people invest in Chanel Bags and how to do it?

Everybody loves Chanel bags. They are the one timeless piece that is always going to have a very high price tag.

Yes, Chanel bags are more on the expensive side but I can honestly say that they are an amazing investment.

What does that mean?

Exactly what you think – that you will be able to sell a certain Chanel bag for a lot more than you actually bought it for, and that is a fact. The prices of expensive luxury brand bags are known to rise over time. It really doesn’t matter if you buy a brand new bag from Chanel now or if you buy a vintage one – the price will go up in a few years. Many women treat their luxury bags like a huge investment that is going to bring them money – and you can too. Honestly, it’s safe to say that this investment can’t let you down as long as you take care of it.

For example, a Chanel jumbo flap that was worth around $3,000 two years ago now costs up to $5,500. Depending on the condition of the bag and whether you took proper care of it you can sell it for almost twice the price you paid.

I have a friend that purchased her first Chanel bag back in the 1990s for $1,150. Guess how much is the resale value of that same bag today? $4,000 to $4,400.

How to properly invest in Chanel bags?

Any Chanel bag can bring you a lot of money but if you want to invest in the ones that will bring you around three times the original price by either the classics like the jumbo flap or pay closer attention to the ones on the runway. Those are for sure going to sell out very easily which makes them a lot more valuable. For example, the Chanel milk carton bag is retailing for $4,800. It’s sold out so reselling it is around $9,000 to $12,000.

The only rule is to find something that is rare, is from an older collection or is going to be sold out soon.

The oldest a bag is the more money it will cost. Pieces from the 1920s or 1930, for example, are extremely rare and they are in the hands of collectors.