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The best way to remove fruit stains off of clothes

Fruit stains are horrible, I agree. But don’t think that they are impossible to remove because that’s not the truth. They can be removed and in fact, they can be removed quite easily if you know how.

I am here to teach you how

Do you instantly get a headache whenever you think about stains on your favorite white blouse, for example?

Promise me that from now on when you accidentally do find a fruit stain on your clothes you won’t immediately go into ‘‘panic mode’’. From now on you will remember this tip I am going to give you and you will use it whenever you have to deal with fruit stains on your favorite clothing.

You are going to need one very simple ingredient, and I am not talking about some fancy detergent that you have to order off of Amazon and wait 2 weeks for it. I am talking about hot water. All you need is hot water, a rubber band, and a colander/ sieve. That’s all.

Let’s get started.

Grab the clothes that are stained and turn them inside-out. Center the area that has the stain over a sieve or colander (whatever you decide to use), and secure it with the rubber band so that it stays it one place.

The next thing you need is the most important step – the hot water. You can boil it in a kettle, over the stove, etc. You basically need it to be really hot otherwise it won’t do the job.

Now pour the boiling water over the stain, and simply watch it disappear.

Did you see how easy it actually is?

Now there are a couple of tips I have for you. It’s best to do this right after the stain occurred.

You should also stick to using this hot water cleaning method only on fruit stains, ketchup stains, and similar.