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How To Remove Ink Stains From Linen?

Linen is literally the hottest fabric to wear this summer. It doesn’t matter in which store you go to – they will have a wide variety of summer clothing made from linen!

Aside from its popularity, it really is an amazing fabric because it’s lightweight, it is durable, and strong making it perfect for those hot summer days!

However, if you do have linen clothes in your wardrobe then this means that you need to know how to remove common stains from them. A few days ago, I got ink on my favourite linen pants and I quickly had to figure out how to remove the stains which is why I decided it would be helpful if I shared with you the stain removal method I used!

How To Remove Ink Stains From Linen?

You will need rubbing alcohol! I read in a few articles that you can remove ink stains with hairspray, however, the one ingredient that actually does all the work is rubbing alcohol (and most hairsprays nowadays do not contain rubbing alcohol at all). This makes the hack that I found completely useless. So if you have tried it in the past and you saw no results – this is why! Instead, just use rubbing alcohol!

Next, grab a jar and remove the lid (you can also use a glass or a small bowl). Hold the affected area of your linen clothing facedown over the mouth of the jar. Next, drip rubbing alcohol over the stained area. You will see that the ink will eventually start to drop with the rubbing alcohol into the jar (or whatever you used).

Finally, rinse and dry the area. If the stain still remains – try this method a few more times. It works pretty well, however, in some cases you need to be patient. It worked from the first time with my linen pants but the stain was pretty small so if yours is bigger – do not quit trying!