Ellie Levenson

Tips and Tricks

How to keep our bedroom clean and fresh

Our bedroom is one of the most important parts of our home. We sleep and rest there. If you are like me then you probably spent most of your time there. So that’s why we should strive to always keep it clean, tidy, fresh and smelling good. I know how hard it can be to deep clean it everyday since we all have busy lives filled with chores, work and things that need to be done quickly. We all are guilty of neglecting our houses from times to times. I have gathered some tips for you that I use on a daily basis. Hope I can help you and your bedroom.

  1. Never leave clothes on the floor or piled on our favorite chair next to the bed

Why do we all do this? We literally leave piles of clothes on the floor or somewhere in our bedroom. We don’t even remember which ones are dirty which ones are clean. They get wrinkly and at the end of the day we create even more chores that we need to do. Why pick them up, fold them for the second time and iron them AGAIN. That’s literally the most pointless thing ever. For making your life a bit easier and, of course, your bedroom clean no matter what you do leave your clothes where they are meant to be – in your closet. 

  1. Don’t eat in your bedroom

Our bedrooms are for sleeping not for eating guys. Sorry to break that down to you. Why do you eat in your bed? Your sleeping space starts smelling like a kitchen, you leave your plates on your night stand, you leave chips packaging, your bed is covered in crumbs and the list goes on and on. Just eat where you are supposed to and you will have one less thing to worry about.

  1. Make your bed once you wake up

Fold your blanked, fix your wrinkled pillow… You know, small things which take maybe a minute. Also change your sheets, pillow case and blankets once a week. There is nothing like falling asleep to new sheets that smell fresh.

  1. Clean your desk

If you have a desk in your bedroom try to keep it clean without unnecessary things like notes, paper and pens laying on the surface. Store everything in a drawer or maybe organized in a cup.

  1. Dust everything and vacuum every other day

Sleeping in a place that’s dusty and the floor is dirty is everything you don’t want. Plus it’s impossible to maintain your bedroom clean and smelling good if you don’t do these two things. Use a cloth to remove dust from shelves, top of the night stand, your desk, the TV, maybe even a lamp. Whatever you think can store dust.

  1. Clean your mattress

Yes, your mattress. You can’t just wash your sheets. Your mattress need to be taken care of also. You sleep on it after all. It stores sweat, dead skin flakes, stains and many other lovely things. How? Of course, not by throwing in it the washing machine since that’s quite impossible. You can do it by yourself which is a lot of work and it’s tiring. You can vacuum it. If there are stains you can try to remove them with a mixture of baking soda, liquid dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. You can try to have it professionally cleaned by booking a session with a cleaning company. That’s probably one of the most effective ways.

  1. Buy a freshener spray

When your room smells good your brain immediately associates it with something fresh and clean. They are very cheap, an automatic one will spray once every 30 minutes (more or less, depends on how you set it) and your room will always have a fresh clean scent.