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How to Clean Your Favoruite Straw Handbag?

The perfect accessory for the summer is the straw handbag – it’s a timeless piece that I recommend you invest in. Don’t buy a cheap one that will last you only one season – instead, splurge on a high-quality straw bag that will last you a lifetime but don’t forget to take proper care of it which includes cleaning it!

How to Clean Your Favoruite Straw Handbag?

Remove everything from the bag and then vacuum it with your vacuum cleaner. Of course, use the upholstery brush attachment so you can easily remove the dust and impurities without causing any damage to the straw bag.

If you happen to not have the upholstery brush attachment I told you about, you can also place a pantyhose over the hose nozzle – it works just as well.

In case the bag has lining, I also recommend you vacuum it well and then check whether there are any stains on it. If they are, you have to treat them with a stain remover.

Now, it’s time to clean the straw and the exterior of the bag. Dampen a cloth and gently wipe so you remove the dirt.

In case your bag is really dirty then I recommend you add dishwashing detergent to a cup of warm water, dip an old toothbrush in the mixture, and then gently scrub the dirty areas.

Once you are happy with the results, get a clean cloth, dampen it in water, and wipe the bag so you remove the soapy water as well as the impurities you loosened up with the toothbrush.

Finally, you are ready with the cleaning process and all you have to do is allow the bag to air-dry before you use it again.