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How to Properly Clean Your Beauty Blender?

When it comes to doing your makeup, you can’t really avoid using brushes or beauty blenders. I must say that I love my sponge and can’t put on my foundation without it. I have tried using brushes instead but I just don’t get the coverage and results I want.

But using beauty blenders is fun and easy until it’s time to clean it. You can’t really use a new one every week because they are expensive plus you don’t need to buy new ones that often. You just need to learn how to properly clean it in order to avoid acne and pimples from forming on your face. I have used a dirty beauty blender in the past because I was too lazy to clean it but trust me – the outcome was terrible and my face became covered in pimples that I couldn’t get rid of for weeks.

How to Properly Clean Your Beauty Blender?

– The First Method:

The first method I will share with you includes using soapy water. It’s easy and you can clean the beauty blender quickly – and I know you don’t want to waste a lot of time on this chore.

Start with holding the beauty blender under running water so it can expand. Then apply a few drops of liquid dish soap to it and start working it into the sponge with your fingers. Do this for a few minutes before you rinse the sponge.

– The Second Method

This method is also easy but I recommend you do it once a month when the sponge really needs deeper cleaning.

Start off by filling a bowl with boiling hot water then adding a few drops of liquid dish soap. I recommend you use hot water because it will get rid of the bacteria because sponges are a breeding ground for germs.

Soak the beauty blender in soapy hot water for a few minutes so the impurities can start loosening up.

Then grab the sponge and squeeze it. Take your time to dip it in the water then squeeze it a few times. Then finally rinse.

– The Third Method

And the third option I have for you is to use your washing machine. This method is great when you have more than one beauty blender – especially if you are a makeup artist with lots of clients.

Put the sponges in a net laundry bag and throw them into the laundry machine. Do not put anything else in there – the sponges should be the only thing that will get cleaned.

Then just turn the appliance on and take them out when the cycle is complete.

And finally, I have something very important to tell you – no matter which method you choose, always make sure you let your beauty blender air-dry. I like putting mine out on my balcony in the sun in order to avoid mold and mildew from forming.