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How To Clean Your Ceramic Curling Iron With Only One Ingredient?

I love having curly hair which is why I have invested in an expensive professional curling iron. Unfortunately, this does not mean that I can just forget about it and not take care of it. Even if you have the most expensive curling iron – you still need to clean it so you avoid burnt marks or brown stains from forming due to the products you apply on your hair before treating it with the curling iron.

Thankfully, cleaning such appliances is extremely easy and you won’t waste more than 5 minutes. I also came to the conclusion that you need only one ingredient for the cleaning – and it’s nothing fancy… it’s just rubbing alcohol! It’s the best thing you can use for both cleaning and disinfecting – plus, it won’t damage the ceramic surface of the iron which is very important!

How To Clean Your Ceramic Curling Iron With Only One Ingredient!

Now that you know what I use, the cleaning itself is pretty straightforward and easy. Make sure the curling iron is unplugged and it’s cold. Never attempt cleaning it when it’s hot or warm – not only will you burn your hands but the rubbing alcohol will dry extremely quickly and will most likely create a burnt stain on the surface.

So after you are certain the appliance is cold, grab a cotton ball, pour rubbing alcohol on it… and start wiping the curling iron with it!

What To Do If There Are Burnt Marks On Your Curling Iron?

In that case, the rubbing alcohol won’t work. You need to use something stronger – ammonia!

I pour a bit of it on a cotton ball then start wiping. I also like to dip a brush in ammonia and scrub the curling iron if the burnt marks are old and stubborn.

And then, once you are happy with the result, make sure you dampen a cloth and wipe the appliance with it so you remove the ammonia residue.

And that is how I take care of my curling iron!