Ellie Levenson

Tips and Tricks

Gift ideas when under quarantine

Almost every part of the world is under quarantine now – but birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays are still here. It can be extremely hard in times like these to think about gifts, especially when it’s so much harder to get something when you can’t get out of your home.

But regardless of that, it’s still important to show appreciation of the ones you love and respect their holiday – no matter if we are speaking of a birthday or an anniversary.

– Online shopping

Yes, we cannot go out and pick something up from the mall as a gift but online shopping is still possible. And when it comes to online shopping – the possibilities are endless. Every store out there has a website from which you can browse and pick a gift for your loved ones. Most of them also have a wrapping option where the things in your card come fully wrapped for the occasion to your door. If you don’t live with the person you want to make a gift to – simply put their address.

– Flowers

Did you know that you can order flowers online? Bouquets are usually a big part of gifts and knowing that you can at least provide a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your loved one is soothing.

– Do you live under the same roof?

If you live with someone who has a birthday soon and you are quarantining under the same roof then make sure you make their day. Surprise them with breakfast in bed. Make a beautiful cake, cook a delicious lunch and dinner for them. Play board games, blast music and dance together.

Celebrating outdoors in a restaurant or in a club may not be an option but this doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun and remember their birthday.