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Decluttering 101: A list of items you should get rid of immediately

Are you terrible at decluttering? Maybe you are trying your best to organize your home and spring clean it but you still feel like you didn’t get rid of enough things? It is quite easy for unnecessary items to start piling up in your house and deciding whether you should throw something or keep it is a common issue that many have.

But if you want to enjoy a clean and organized home that is free of any clutter than you definitely need to get rid of certain items. I have a list of common household items that people need to throw away when they are spring cleaning their home and I hope that it can help you.

– Old Cords

Do you have a huge pile of old cords that you haven’t used in so long? Well, let’s be honest here – you will never use them again so why keep them?

– Old Calendars

You should throw away the calendar as soon as it’s New Years’ Eve, am I right? Why do you keep a calendar from five years ago?

– Takeout Menus

You know very well that you can find any restaurants’ menu online so why do you even bother keeping those takeout menus again?

– Old skincare

I challenge you to go through your entire skincare and check out which items have an outdated expiration date.

– Old makeup

Similar to the previous thing on the list – I guarantee that you have so many items in your makeup bag that have expired or you haven’t used in years. You need to immediately throw those away and make room for new items.

And don’t forget the old nail polish!

– Old receipts

Are you seeing a pattern in my list? Everything is old and no longer has any value.

– Expired food and spices

Go through your fridge and throw away everything that has expired as well as those old condiment packets that your favorite takeout place gave you a couple of months ago.

– Clothes that are too big or too small

I can make a whole rant of how hard it is to get rid of clothes but sometimes we need to create space for new things and when it comes to our wardrobe this definitely applies. If you have anything that is way too small or way too big just donate it or sell it. You won’t wear it again.

You should also pay attention to clothes you haven’t worn in years because guess what – they are only taking space in your closet.

– Old phones

Similar to the first thing on the list – old cords, old phones are another thing that people have a hard time getting rid of and yet no one can actually give a logical explanation as to why they keep them.