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Celebrities that love these drugstore cheap beauty products

Wearing make-up can get extremely expensive, and I think everyone knows that. All of the men out there that think with 200$ you can buy the whole Sephora store are wrong. All that a girl can buy with 200$ are maybe two, three products that are of high-quality. And with that being said we all love […]

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The best makeup gifts for Valentine’s day they will actually use

When it comes to gift shopping for Valentine’s day it can get very tricky. What can you buy your significant other that they will actually want and use? Makeup seems like the easiest thing that you can get your girl… or at least before you go into Sephora and you are overwhelmed by the variety […]

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3 Fenty Beauty products Rihanna wears on a daily basis

We all love Rihanna, am I right? Her recent launch of Fenty Beauty has made a huge mark on the beauty industry – every product is luxurious, the prices are reasonable, the quality is very high as well as it looks absolutely amazing on all skin tones. And I must say that the packaging of […]

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The best way to remove fruit stains off of clothes

Fruit stains are horrible, I agree. But don’t think that they are impossible to remove because that’s not the truth. They can be removed and in fact, they can be removed quite easily if you know how. I am here to teach you how Do you instantly get a headache whenever you think about stains […]

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4 benefits of using Aloe Vera on your skin

Aloe Vera has countless benefits for the skin, face, immune system, etc. – basically, it’s a miracle plant that can be used to cure almost everything. When it comes to your face – Aloe Vera is the solution for any problem out there. I would definitely recommend you grab yourself an Aloe Vera Gel (either […]

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How to remove tea stains from carpet

If you love drinking tea but you are kind of clumsy your carpet is most likely covered in tea stains. I have some tips for you and your stained carpet. The first method A white cloth Club Soda If you just spilled the tea on the carpet, get the white cloth and soak as much […]

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How to keep our bedroom clean and fresh

Our bedroom is one of the most important parts of our home. We sleep and rest there. If you are like me then you probably spent most of your time there. So that’s why we should strive to always keep it clean, tidy, fresh and smelling good. I know how hard it can be to […]

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A quick guide to a clean mattress

If you think that cleaning the mattress of your bed is not a thing you have to worry about too much, think again. No matter how you look at things, the mattress is the one piece of furniture in your home that you spend the most time on – specialists advice on some 8 hours […]

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